The crossing lights flash
The gate drops
And the bell clangs a warning
The past roars into the future
Broken beats
Bump and thud
Squeal and hiss
The ground shudders
Rails sag and recover
The ties that bind hold fast
While spikes assert delivery

The cargo

Humans beyond salvation
Outside the boundaries
Of the preferred nation state
The gun, the pen
The words, the violence
All will get you exiled, jailed, killed
The train of thought
The train of affirmation
Relocation maybe
Internment the possibility
Termination a certainty

This situation of division

The roundup begins
Cattle were driven to the railhead
People follow in succession
The conclusion gains speed
The societal engine steams ahead
And the past is present

Welcome to America
Or is it goodbye



Day 1: Today, I Resist

Today, January 20th, 2017, marks a dark reality, a day in which a scourge on humanity has been given legal power. That means today is Day 1 of righting this wrong. Today, and every day moving forward until this correction occurs, I resist.

I resist those that support oppression, bigotry, misogyny, and inequality.

I resist the highly questionable belief that the new president is fit to lead.

I resist the gravity pulling us down into darkness.

I resist.

Here is a link to a podcast I listen to called Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything and today’s episode is called “The Twentieth of January.” It’s an interesting 20 minutes on how this whole political nonsense may have been in the works for over 30 years.